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7 Top Tips To Landing Entry Level Mining Jobs

7 Top Tips To Landing Entry Level Mining Jobs

Recently when speaking to a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) for the mining industry Industry Pathways, they gave us an insight into what steps people have to take these days to land entry level mining jobs. They explained their days are filled directing people on the best qualifications to take to upskill or train with the best industry qualifications in mining, and often helping people in their Post Training Job Support program to give them a winning edge at securing entry level mining jobs.

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“Many people we talk to have a main goal to increase their earning potential and it’s true many jobs even entry level mining jobs can pay really well; mining is still a highly paid industry where your potentially able to double or triple your yearly salary. This is a fiercely competitive industry, people need a winning edge to score an entry level mining job.” An Industry Training Support Officer,  explained.

Entry Level Mining Jobs

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Read on to find out the first steps you should take to prepare yourself and feel confident when applying for jobs, and how can you prepare for the realities of a mining career in Australia.

We reveal the first steps you should take to prepare yourself for the tough road of breaking into a new industry and feel confident when applying for entry level mining jobs.


7 Winning Tips to crack entry level mining jobs

1) Ask yourself what tickets you have.

No matter where you are in your career or what qualifications you have, just by having a mining qualification can give you a winning edge. A basic mining induction or Standard 11 Induction is a must-have safety qualification if you want to set foot on a mine site in Queensland at least. Other States may not be as strict as Queensland in terms of Workplace Health and Safety, but it pays to have the knowledge to make sure you and your fellow workers are kept safe. Mining qualifications are extensive and depending what mining jobs you are after, your training can pave the way forward to a brilliant career.

Although many people don’t like spending money on mining qualifications, the reality is, no matter what career you choose, continual education is one of the sure-fire ways to earn more money. If you’re ambitions type – then you’ll already be thinking of a budget to spend on your education. Realistically, (like any form of education/ qualification or training) having extra qualifications shows a potential employer you are dedicated and motivated and you instantly have a leg up over your competition. Remember this – when you go to an interview and you have plenty of qualifications, you can talk confidently about many topics – this is also another way to get offered a position, be comfortable talking about yourself in a confident and non-bragging way.

Some of the qualifications you can gain are the Mining Induction, a Dump Truck Course, many Mining Machinery Tickets, Mining Machinery Combo Courses (save big $$$), Mine Site Supervisor Course, Certificate IV in Occupational Health & Safety Courses.

Additionally you may be eligible for Recognised Prior Learning or RPL – to recognise experience that may be able to be credited towards your qualification, which means cutting the costs and the time taken to complete your mining qualification.

Mining courses to help you establish your career in the industry. Whether it be for entry level mining jobs, semi-experienced tradies and construction workers, existing mining workers wanting to upskill or training solutions for companies or contractors to help provide training courses to the needs of companies.

The best advice is for you to invest in training yourself further. No matter what you hear the reality is, you want to make it as easy as possible for an employer to hire you and that’s the bottom line; why would an employer hire someone with little-to-no training; without any idea of the culture or safety requirements of a mine site.

Completing you mining training and being mine ready to step on site gives you a distinct advantage and shows an employer exactly how keen and willing you are to succeed at a career in mining….realistically it gives them confidence you are a good investment.

Applying for a job when you have the right qualifications gives you a winning edge! You really have a tough road ahead of you as a newbie looking for entry level mining jobs, however ensuring your qualified upfront certainly improves your chances of getting a look in.

2)  The Coal Board Medical

Most companies request you do a thorough medical examination, however if you have already taken the initiative and completed a coal board medical at the time of applying for mining jobs, it truly is viewed upon in a very positive light. This type of test shows you are physically fit, drug free and ready to start work at short notice (which makes you an easy and risk-free candidate).

These medical examinations are valid for 6 months and if you can rest assured if you have completed a Coal Board Medical, it will be viewed by prospective employers as an asset and is another tick in the box over your competition, who are often not ready to go at short notice. So guess what, if your qualified, ticketed and have done a coal board medical you’re ready to start and you are making it extremely easy for employers to offer you a job.


3)   Get a mining mindset.

It’s no secret that big mining companies are on the lookout for more than relevant tickets and qualifications. These days they are on the lookout for the right type of person with a positive mindset. What does that mean exactly? We often hear feedback from employers who talk about the bad attitudes they can spot a mile off, and these are the types of candidates they avoid like the plague.

Workers we have seen pass in and quickly out of the mining industry are those who feel they should be thanked for doing their job, it’s almost like they have a sense of entitlement. The reality is, if you`re looking for a job in the mines or even entry level mining jobs, both which offer fantastic earning potential – you are pretty much getting all the thanks you are entitled to, through your hefty pay check. Other turn offs include poor presentation, negative comments and constant complaining, and just generally a lack of motivation and willingness to go above and beyond.

HR professionals we have spoken to have explained that a MASSIVE no no in the current jobs market is talking about money upfront. This reflects poorly on you for a number of reasons, basically because mining companies are watching their budgets closely and bottom line spend – so discussing money as a focal point of any first meeting or interview obviously leaves a sour taste. If you are offered a job, get in there, out your head down, do the graft and work your way up. This is a proven way to earn more money – time after time.

4) Do you have the grit to succeed?

Our contacts in the industry are looking for more than just an employee with relevant tickets, as there are thousands of qualified people out there ““ so how do you make yourself stand out. Well for people looking for entry level jobs, your success can be all about your attitude.

Recruiters in the mining industry are highly selective and you can be certain your attitude will be analysed.

Mining companies are looking for a quality investment in their staff because training new employees is an expensive job! Tenacity, perseverance and motivation are all traits that will make you stand out from the crowd. You will be leaps and bounds ahead of the pack by having a fantastic, can-do attitude; with many of our HR contacts revealing they can instantly pick up on negativity or on people who are disgruntled with life or the industry.

If you’re forward thinking, show enthusiasm, turn up well before your start time, don’t get involved in negative conversation, are self-educating, positively charged; you will be setting yourself up to have a good a start in the mining industry. This positive attitude is reflected in everything you do, the way you dress, your body language and the way you speak. Another big secret to your success is your understanding of Emotional Intelligence. That may sound like a soppy word, but believe us – this is the key to a rich lifestyle. Google it if you don’t believe it.

5) First Impressions Count.

This old adage rings true to no end, especially when your first point of contact with a prospective employer is a piece of paper with some words on it (resume). Firstly, check out our free resume writing tips. If you feel like your resume is a little out-dated or you feel unsure about it – we suggest sending in your resume to have it analysed by one of our mining resume writers. Your resume is your marketing tool, you’re promoting yourself with it – so make it count. If your resume looks dull and boring, then you’re not giving yourself the best shot at getting the job – right?

When sending you resume to mining companies, keep track of your applications. Be prepared to take incoming calls from phone numbers you don’t recognise. it may not be a crank call from the ATO or someone selling you solar panels. When you nswer the phone, be professionally and polite.

There is nothing more frustrating to a prospective employer than a person with attitude at the other end of the phone. Use your people skills and be obliging. Ensure you answer all their questions enthusiastically and don’t make the conversation difficult – this is kind of a pre-interview and test for you – so be ready to impress.

For instance if the caller requests more information – let them know it will be with them in 30 mins and make sure you do everything in your power to get them what they need ASAP. If they request to see you for an interview , this is your chance to really sell yourself –  so don’t blow this chance by making it hard to book a time with you.

Recruiters especially don’t care about what fits in with you – if you want entry level mining jobs, you just have to make sure you can get to the interview, because you now have a shot at doubling or tripling your salary, changing your life and a chance to get into the industry with little-to-no experience. Our advice is bend over backwards to please them and take a read through our interview tips here – they will give you some good ideas on how to manage a face-to-face chat.

6) Would you consider going into an underground mining job?

Now this is a crucial question as it’s great to think about right now. As the competition heats up, people who want a mining job with no experience are generally want to work above ground in an open-cut environment.

If you can handle working underground, it’s a good starting point, so start checking out exactly what you need to break into an underground mining job; as getting an underground mining job is significantly easier. Having underground mining experience will help you when it’s time to come to work up top.

It is common knowledge that not many people want to go underground, so if you are prepared to do the hard yards for a little while, you will be significantly increase your chances of landing yourself a great mining job above ground.

Many people expect to walk straight into a mining job and this simply is an unrealistic goal. However – if you are ready and mentally prepared to go above and beyond and dedicate your energy and time to follow some of these tips – your chances of breaking into a mining job without experience will pay off!

7) Start at the bottom if you have to

This last point is very important.

Don’t aim too high at the beginning. You may have to start off working in a cleaning job or as a kitchen hand or housekeeper. Search online for mining catering jobs, trainee mining jobs, cleaning jobs in the mines, administration work, labouring work in the mines, downer jobs, etc etc.

Be determined to put yourself out there to get to know everybody and anybody – it can open doors you never dreamed of. By meeting people, you get to understand the culture, the language, names of things.

The people you meet get to know your name and the type of person you really are. Just like the term social media allows people you trust to recommend things to you, it’s the same when meeting people face-to-face. People recommend other people they like and trust, so it could be that your details are passed on to recruitment agencies and/or managers who are looking for people just like you.

Remember this! – when recruiters place ads on the internet, they’re desperate to find the right workers, because within the business they are advertising, there are NO people available who can do the job. It’s not easy finding new employees. Get out there, meet some people, smile, buy them a beer or two and have a chat.

That’s the proven way to get a job in the mines.

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