500 Entry Level Mining Jobs On Offer

500 Entry Level Mining Jobs On Offer

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Morris scores $500M contract through Fortescue.

ONE of Queensland’s biggest mining camp operators, Morris Corporation expects to offer around 500 jobs in mining in the very near future, after securing a substantial five-year $500 million contract made via joint ventures with Indigenous native title holders.

For those seeking entry level mining jobs this might just be your chance to get a foot in the door.

Morris has provided quality catering, cleaning, accommodation and facilities management services to numerous villages across Australia for over 45 years – and for those looking to land an entry level mining job, these 500 new service staff jobs could be the way.

“increased productivity, means more workers are needed”

Despite the winding down of construction and expansion phases in many of Fortescue’s mining operations, the ramping up of productivity of these mines and ever increasing output is the sole focus for now and well into the future. And with the increasing of productivity, so to is the increase on the workers needed on site, to sustain levels.

Thousands of workers will be needed to FIFO (fly-in-fly-out) to the remote accommodation villages, mines and resource projects and an army of support crew are needed; fromcleaners to kitchen hands, maintenance and admin staff to ensure the camp functions to the highest standards with a focus on cleanliness, nutrition and healthy living to the highest standards.

“If you are currently finding it hard to nab an entry level mining job, then securing a service staff role with Morris could prove a very cunning move.”

Fast Facts for people seeking entry level mining jobs:

  • 6 x 50/50 joint venture operations will be run across eight villages, by Morris Corporation and Aboriginal native title holders for Fortecue Metals in WA.
  • Around 100 jobs of the 500 (around one-fifth) are expected to be given to those of indigenous descent.
  • The main entry level mining jobs will be offered in the Karntama Camp, Hamilton Motel, Christmas Creek, Cloudbreak, Rail Camp and Kangi Camp.
  • Entry level mining jobs to be created include helping to accommodate over 6000 people; including the preparation and service of over 600,000 meals per month and over 60,000 room change-outs.
  • This is the biggest deal ever made with traditional indigenous owners, with passionate advocate and Fortescue CEO Andrew Forrest explaining that native title holders will be active in the running of the businesses and a significant force behind providing jobs to their people.
  • For entry level mining job seekers it`s important to start following Morris right now “ as this is an extremely large contract and represents about half of their WA business!
  • Entry level mining jobs and growth in contract work in the resources sector is expected, with a range of projects still surfing ahead despite the winding down of construction and expansion phases.
  • Currently there are job opportunities aplenty through the coal seam gas projects in the Surat Basin of QLD, which are surging ahead strongly, in addition to several large iron ore developments in WA including Roy Hill and BC Iron.
  • Numerous coal mines under construction or expansion will be switching with strong force into production mode, and with production ramping up, a bigger workforce with a strong focus on entry level mining jobs needed to facilitate workers.
  • Morris also stated that there is future scope to provide more fly in, fly out work for Queenslanders.

Morris chief executive Rodney Molla said Morris is an ever growing business and explained, “the mines are still operating, the camps are still there, and we still have staff employed in cooking food, cleaning rooms, checking people in, doing maintenance and those sorts of things. So the facilities are still operating.”

“Overall we’re still hiring people week in, week out”

“Overall we’re still hiring people week in, week out, to continue to support the growth and development of our business. While it may be quieter in towns like Tieri in Queensland, it’s busier in towns like Chinchilla and Roma and up in Pilbara in WA there’s plenty of work happening.”

For those seeking entry level mining jobs with Fortescue this is the type of mining news you should follow closely. Staying in the loop of large contract wins and activity around mine sites you are targeting can prove key to getting your dream job – or applying before the crowds move in.

“Now is a prime time to apply, with 500 service staff jobs on offer at Fortescue’s mine camps. Having experience under your belt on the ground floor with a company such as Morris would certainly look favourable when applying for entry level mining jobs. Not to mention showing your aptitude for working in remote mining sites and motivation to land a start in the competitive mining sector.”

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