5 Galilee Basin coal mines approved in Queensland

5 Galilee Basin coal mines now approved

Almost 3,000 jobs will be created from the South Galilee Coal Project

Queensland mining jobs in the Galilee Basin are looking more and more promising for the future as yet another mine has been given the go-ahead to proceed.

Over the past year, more and more activity from international and home-grown mining companies has slowly eroded the scepticism that has latched on to the feasibility of developing the Galilee Basin mines.

Many factors have contributed to the mediocre reception the media has given the Galilee Basin; and for a range of good reasons, such as the location of the basin which is some 380km from the port of Abbot Point.

The Galilee Basin

The basin itself stretches throughout much of centralQueensland and developments in the region have ensured locals seeking work in the surrounding region have had pretty good employment opportunities.

“an avalanche of employment opportunities”

With the development of the Galilee Basin coal mines, comes the avalanche of opportunitiesfor those looking to take the first steps of their mining careers.

Despite what the media is telling Australians, the Galilee Basin has received initial approval to open its fifth mine, after Queensland’s Coordinator-General completed a thorough environmental assessment of the development plans put forward by AMCI group.


Detailed in this new approval, some 3,000 jobs will be created from the South Galilee Coal Project, as AMCI group look to build a new facility in the coal-rich region.

Opening up employment

Deputy Premier and Minister for State Development, Infrastructure and Planning Jeff Seeney, said the new Galilee Basin coal mine will be another step towards “opening up the Galilee Basin”.

AMCI plans to develop an open-cut and underground thermal coal mine which could produce up to 17 million tonnes of export-quality coal per year.

1,600 mining construction jobs

The building of the mine could create about 1,600 mining construction jobs for Queenslanders with some 1,300 permanent mine jobs to follow.

With four other projects currently either in the feasibility or in the development phase, employment opportunities are gaining momentum.

“This is another step forward for the Galilee Basin and follows Alpha Coal, Kevin’s Corner, Galilee Coal Project and Carmichael Coal Mine and Rail Project receiving both state and federal government approvals,” the minister concluded.

FIFO a possibility

The AMCI group South Galilee Coal Project is expected to have a lifespan of about 33 years, according tothe state government, and will provide good opportunities for long-term career growth in the coal mining sector in Queensland.

Employment will preference locals who live close to the mine, with bus-in, bus-out and fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) schemes an option as is outlined by the state as two viable methods of recruitment.

“equal employment opportunities”

A FIFO scheme will ensure qualified mine workers and entry-level workers are given equal employment opportunities and transported from “major regional centres”, showing potential for recruitment in Brisbane, Toowoomba and other southern cities to occur.

Projects fast-tracked to create mining jobs ASAP!

Minister Seeney praised the quick work of the Coordinator-General in recent times. The speed of the approval process has allowed new mine developments to start creating employment for Queenslanders.

44,000 jobs for Queenslanders

“With this decision, the Coordinator-General has approved 16 major mining and resource projects to proceed in Queensland, worth more than $67 billion and able to create about 44,000 jobs for Queenslanders,” Mr Seeney explained.

With the resource industry moving at such pace, and the state looking to secure it for the future, now could be a good time to find a miningapprenticeship in Queensland.

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