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4,000 New Mining Jobs

4,000 New Mining Jobs in Queensland

India’s Adani Group has completed comprehensive field exploration in Queensland and is on the verge of going ahead with the development of the Carmichael coal mine, which is the world’s largest coal tenement with deposits estimated at $10 billion.

Federal Resources Minister Martin Ferguson and Queensland Premier Campbell Newman are in India at the moment to formalize the deal for the project with Adani Group. When high ranking officials from Australia and Queensland make a personal trip to India, you know there is a good chance they will come away with some good news for the Queensland coal mining industry.

What does the project involve?
The good news for coal mine workers is it will lead to the creation 4,000 long-term mining jobs in Queensland. The building of the mine as well the rail and port infrastructure will be a boost for the coal mining industry. There will be a lot of new opportunities for people who are focused on a career in mining and new starters in the industry should be gearing up and getting the necessary skills and training underway as soon as they can.

Adani Group has already placed a lot of it’s future in the Australian mining industry, having already tipped in a total of $3 billion in various projects, with a further $7 billion earmarked for the next few years.

The coal from the Carmichael Mine will be transported 400km by rail to the Adani Group’s Abbot Point terminal near Bowen on the Queensland coast, then shipped to India.

The announcement arrives after landmark visit by Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard to New Delhi, where the Australian Prime Minister beefed up trade relations as well as news that a crackdown on illegal activity in India’s domestic coal mining industry has created new opportunities for overseas supply and Australian is well poised to provide exactly what India needs.

Queensland mining is heavily regulated from a safety and compliance standard and has an enviable record of low accidents, therefore new-starters in the coal mining industry in Queensland must complete a safety training course before being allowed on a mine site. If you apply for mining jobs, chances are you’ll be told you must complete the Standard 11 Generic Induction course, which will give you the required safety skills you must have if you want to work safely in the industry.
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4,000 New Mining Jobs For Queensland


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