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33,000 jobs to be filled in WA by next year

Western Australia alone needs to fund an extra 33,000 skilled workers by the end of 2012, as the skills shortage across resource and construction industries continues to worsen.

The Chamber of Minerals and Energy has compiled a report on the growth outlook for the state, which found that if the positions aren`t filled, it could have dire consequences for projects in terms of budget and time frames and may ruin Western Australia`s reputation as a competitive mining market.

It is reported that the 10-year forecast of labour and infrastructure report, to be released today, shows an extra 34,000 skilled workers need to be employed in resource projects in the Pilbara alone and says direct employment in the sector will soon pass 120,000 across WA, making up 10 per cent of the state`s workforce.

The shortage is expected to be most dire when projects including Gorgon, Pluto and BHP Billiton`s Pilbara expansion reach their peaks.

90 % to fly in , fly out

As many as 90 per cent of the workforce will be employed on fly-in, fly-out contracts, which is sure to further add to the already hot debate on fly in, fly out work

About 85 per cent of the additional FIFO workers will be based in Perth or Peel and the remainder interstate.

Most of the positions will need to be made up from foreign workers, as nearly all WA residents are already employed.

In January, Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced the government is considering assisting 20,000 skilled migrants to enter Australia, and the rates of Irish relocating here is at record levels.

Earlier this month an online forum was unveiled to allow for discussion about the skills shortage and attempt to find solutions.

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  1. jimmy May 23, 2011 Reply

    I am a skilled Australian citizen and have been trying to get into the mining industry with nothing but rejection. why import skill when there are people like me who are struggling to get a foot in the door.

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