250 new mining jobs in Quensland - Blair Athol - New Emerald Coal

250 Mining Jobs – Blair Athol reopening

Linc Energy - New Emerald Coal mine opens soon 250 mining jobs for the local community iMINCO250 Mining Jobs – Blair Athol reopening

Linc Energy has indicated it will release its long awaited plans detailing the reopening of the Blair Athol coal mine within the next few weeks.

250 new mining jobs look to be on the cards, with the winners being the local community as New Emerald Coal favours local mine workers.

The Blair Athol Mine is located 24km north-west of the of Clermont in the Bowen Basin region of central Queensland and has vast reserves of high quality thermal coal.

New Emerald Coal – Blair Athol

The mine was acquired from Rio Tinto earlier this month. Linc Energy’s head of coal, said they are looking to employ local worker for the 100 odd mining jobs on offer.  According to Linc Energy there will be no costs involved for the buyout, which will be through Linc’s subsidiary company New Emerald Coal.

Commercial agreements to be put in place that give New Emerald Coal access to train-loading capacity, workforce accommodation and port and rail capacity to Abbot Point.

“The mine is hoped to be operated without a FIFO workforce”

The mine is hoped to be operated without a FIFO workforce, once again strengthening the company’s commitment to give locals a fair go. According to sources, there will be in total, around 250 coal mining jobs on offer and an expectation of a production target of to 3 million tonnes of thermal coal per annum.

Locals are the winners in Clermont mining jobs bonanza

Head of Linc Energy recently was quoted as saying “We’re sourcing locally from the local skill set which is definitely in Clermont and we’ll be hiring them,”.

Linc has already begun the advertising and recruiting to fill the mining jobs on offer. They’ve made it their goal to source its workforce locally whilst also providing new opportunities for local contracting companies.

Linc’s executive general manager of operations Jason O’Rourke will be arriving in Clermont shortly.

“the company is assisting to kick start the local community into prosperity once again”

“Jason will head to Clermont and he will be running through the recruitment and management process with the locals to see how they feel, see how it will all work and then we can get started,” he said.

The reopening of the mine is going to be good news for the town. Linc and New Emerald Coal are looking at Clermont as a great place to start up and grow their company so the locals will be helping them just as much as the company is assisting to kick start the local community into prosperity once again.

Coal jobs with New Emerald Coal

New Emerald Coal Ltd is an emerging coal producer in Australia focused on growth through development, acquisition and making the most of technology to drive production and create a safe working environment for its workforce.

They are a Queensland-centric coal miner possessing over 12,000km² of coal mining areas in the Bowen, Galilee, Surat, Clarence-Moreton, Drummond and Eromanga Basins.

New Emerald Coal Ltd remains a wholly-owned subsidiary of ASX 200 company Linc Energy (ASX:LNC) (OTCQX:LNCGY). The company also owns a large and diverse world-class commodity portfolio that includes oil, gas, shale and coal.

“developing a career in the industry”

Mining job tips

If you’re looking to work for a progressive mining company in Queensland and you’re one of those people who are focused on developing a career in the industry, iMINCO recommends you follow this company closely.

They’re listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:LNC) so this is your first port of call to learn as much about the company as you can. Armed with this information, you’ll build your knowledge on the operations and future development plans for the company.

Having this information at your fingertips is so important because;

  • You’ll understand exactly where this company came from and who’s running the show
  • You’ll gain invaluable insights as to their financial position (always a good thing to do if you are investing your future into a mining job)
  • Just by reading up on their activities you are already way ahead of other people who apply for mining jobs because you’ll have insights and information you can add to your resume and cover letter which will make you stand out from the other applicants.

How to go about applying for a mining job at the Blair Athol coal mine.

Go to the website and learn as much as you can.

Get the right training

New starters looking to get into a mining job with New Emerald Coal need to be aware of these requirements.

  • In most cases you may have to complete a Mining Induction (Standard 11) course (You may not be allowed on a mining site in Queensland without this qualification). This is a 2 day course that focuses on Work Health & Safety and familiarises you with everyday mining life ““ including mining terminology, procedures, safety and compliance policies.
  • Queensland has legislated you must have a current Coal Board Medical certificate to work on a mine site in the State. Check with the HR department first.
  • If you are a heavy machine operator and drive dump trucks, excavators, loaders etc you will have to transfer your civil machinery operator tickets to RII Competencies.

“getting that all-important interview”

Before you start applying for a job with New Emerald Coal, there are other things to consider that could make the difference between getting an interview or not!  Having a mining focused resume prepared for you will increase your chances of getting that all important interview for sure. If you think we’re having a go.. try submitting your resume without including the correct keywords the resume parsing software looks for and see if you get a call-back!

iMINCO have created lots of tips and information on how to write a good mining resume as well as some vital information on how to get the most out of your interview, because we know this is where many people need help. We’re an information resource for people who genuinely want to find employment in the industry. We’ve got a lot of free e-books to show you how to interview well, to how to research the company’s you want work for.

Sign up for the iMINCO Project News too – it’s a free e-mail newsletter that’s packed full of mining and resource sector new, information and hints on where the jobs are.

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