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20 Resource Sector Mining & LNG Jobs in Demand

iMINCO 20 Resource Sector Mining & LNG Jobs in Demand20 critical skills and occupations in the resource sector have been identified by a new report by Energy Skills Queensland.

Given the shift in mining from construction to increasing and maintaining productivity, a new job opportunities are emerging for thousands of Australian workers.

Now is the time to consider a career in the LNG industry as the construction phase starts to wind down and more and more specialist jobs are required. Australia needs to fill the skills-gap urgently and needs qualified, well-trained people to step up and take these jobs.

The Energy Skills Queensland report clearly identifies the following trades as being in high demand in the future:

Within the next 20 years the resource sector workforce could peak at about 14,900 workers as we approach 2024, more than 200 per cent increase in the original assessments into future industry growth in Queensland.

The Surat Basin features heavily with some 85 per cent of the overall CSG-LNG operations workforce needed.

To cope with the management, production and administration tasks, approximately Gladstone will soak up about 10 per cent of new LNG jobs and Brisbane the remaining 5 per cent.

LNG offers long term employment and serious economic benefits

A spokesman for ESQ said the CSG to LNG industry presented the state of Queensland with potential for long term employment and serious economic benefits.

The CSG to LNG industry in Queensland has the potential to generate unheard of economic and social benefits on a national scale for Australia, Queensland, and for regional economies.

“long-term LNG jobs within the sector”

One of the key factors to the success of the LNG initiatives will be to improve training and employment opportunities to ensure individuals and organisations will capitalise on building long-term LNG jobs within the sector.

Having the right mix of experience and training will create a positive pathway for people looking to forge a career in the LNG sector. There are a number of training courses existing tradespeople as well as new starters can complete to make themselves more employable.

As with any job in the mining and resource sector, LNG jobs can involve elements of risk and therefore, there are training courses that specifically focus on these aspects.

Training courses to consider are:

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