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1700 Mining Jobs In SA With Iron Road

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The proposed multi-billion dollar deep sea port development Iron Road Limited (Iron Road, ASX: IRD) announced recently that the South Australian Central Eyre Iron Project has been declared a major development by the South Australian Minister for Planning and is expected to provide over 1000 jobs in SA.

If you`re currently looking for jobs in SA, this is the biggest active resource development in South Australia and is one to keepon your radar.

The proposed Iron Road project at Cape Hardy entails three components which will create thousands of SA jobs in mining, construction and for service staff including:

1) A deep sea water port, located around 7kms south of Port Neill. The port is expected to export 30 Million tonnes of iron ore per year.
2) A 150km long infrastructure corridor will be built comprising a power transmission line, sea water supply pipeline and standard gauge rail line which will connect the transfer of product to the port.
3) A workers accommodation village, designed to accommodate the long-term operational workforce for the mine and infrastructure components and capable of accommodating some 550 personnel, to be constructed within the township of Wudinna.

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SA jobs in Iron Road Fast Facts

  • 1,000 jobs in SA across mining and construction will be available firstly to construct the mine, then a further 600 constructional jobs to service the entire project and an operational workforce of around 100.
  • The government has formally recognised the importance of the Iron Road Project to the South Australian economy with plans to export 20Mt of high grade iron concentrates annually, with 10Mtpa available for third party users.
  • The declaration ensures that project approvals will occur in a timely fashion across all government departments.
  • The project has been declared a major development under the Development Act 1993 (SA) as it has been considered a major economic, social or environmental importance to the State.
  • The next step of the process is an application for the mine itself which will be assessed separately under the Mining Act and the development application will be submitted consideration by the minister.
  • Iron Road is now is preparing a definitive feasibility study on the entire project, which is expected to be completed by the end of the year.
  • The area currently has mining companies sniffing around. Mining company Centrex Metals has a proposal for a Port Spencer just 15km from Cape Hardy and has also received major development status.

“This project will inspire others to explore mining possibilities within the Eyre Peninsula, creating the potential for much broader economic benefits,” Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy Tom Koutsantonis explained.

“The capital spend and provision of direct employment opportunities would provide a solid basis for supporting jobs growth in the region.” Mr Koutsantonis said.

With the recent declaration from the SA Government behind the Iron Road project, confidence is growing with an expected surge of mining and construction jobs in SA to be offered.

If you’re looking for construction or mining jobs in SA then following this type of news is important to keep in mind. Being one of the largest resource projects in the state, jobs in SA are expected to be on the horizon.

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