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15,000 Mining Jobs – Galilee Basin Queensland

Galilee Basin Mining Jobs Cambell Newman iMINCOQueensland mining jobs in the Galilee Basin are once again the topic of intense political debate.

Queensland Premier Campbell Newman announced that coal mining in the resource-rich Galilee Basin could be worth $60 billion and have the capacity to create 15,000 mining jobs in Queensland.

Campbell Newman has stated, the Galilee Basin development is a high priority for his government. Newman, along with other government officials journeyed to India a few months ago to personally meet with high ranking officials from the Indian government and associated power companies who are having huge problems meeting the power and energy demands of their ever-increasing population.

India needs Queensland’s coal for the next 70-100 years

Newman visited Adani operations in India, owned by billionaire Gautam Adani and witnessed the huge export potential the Galilee region could offer Queensland. He observed that Gutam Adani owns the power company, he owns the power network, he can control the prices – all he needs is Queensland’s coal to maintain his vision. It was clear Adani wants to lock in the security of a consistent supply of coal, depending on the supply chain cost and how a long term joint venture with Queensland can remain sustainable in a volatile global coal market.

The Galilee Basin is often referred to as the new frontier in Queensland mining. It is a vast coal-rich region gaining a lot of attention over the last year as major mining companies like GVK Hancock and Adani have their eyes on accelerating their mining projects.

“Adani plans a $10 billion coal mining project in Queensland”

Mufti-faceted power and energy company Adani Group have plans for a $10 billion coal mining project and have already invested heavily in the Abbot Point coal terminal at a cost of $2-billion. The GVK-Hancock joint venture between Gina Rinehart’s Hancock Coal and Indian company GVK is moving steadily towards a project start date. Recent approval for GVK Hancock to develop the existing Queensland rail network with freight company Aurizon has created a new buzz around the future of mining jobs in the region.

“The Galilee Basin and could bring 1000’s of mining jobs to the region”

Minig billionaire Clive Palmer, and newly elected member of parliament for the seat of Fairfax in Queensland, has his own ambitious plans to develop the Waratah Coal project, which features heavily in the development of the Galilee Basin and could create 1000’s of mining jobs in the region.

Newman said  that the Galilee Basin could be a bigger earner for the economy of Queensland than coal seam gas. He made the point that Indian companies saw Queensland and accessing the coal assets as a strategic “long-term play”¯.

It’s no secret that India needs high quality Queensland coal to fire up their thermal power stations. They need a continuance of supply, not for the short-term, but for the next 70 to 100 years. This type of news solidifies Queensland as a major player in global supply of high quality thermal coal, something that people who are considering a career in mining would be smart to take advantage of in terms of reviewing their training and qualifications.

“Newman “very bullish” about the Galilee Basin development”

Despite concerns around fluctuating coal prices and the logistical cost challenges of getting the coal to the ports, Newman said he was “very bullish” about the Galilee Basin development and said the biggest threat to the success of the coal projects was the government approvals process.

“We have to get out of this mindset that taking five, six, seven years to approve a major resource project is acceptable,” Newman said.

Kick-starting a new wave of mining jobs for Queensland

In a bid to woo further mining investment in Queensland and kick-start a new wave of mining jobs for the region, Newman’s government announced plans to offer a discount on royalties paid to the state government. Under the new plan, mining companies that lock in permanent mining agreements could be given access to the T2 coal handling and site at Abbot Point near Bowen. The development of the Abbot Point terminals T0 to T3 are still in the pre-feasibility to feasibility phases.

Abbot Point is centrally located 25 km north-west of Bowen on Queensland`s north coast between the industrial hot-spots of Townsville and Mackay. The Port of Abbot Point consists of a mix of rail in-loading facilities, coal handling and stockpiling areas, plus a single trestle jetty and conveyor connecting to two offshore berths (2.8 km offshore) and two shiploaders.

Galilee Basin Mining Projects Update

Gina Rinehart’s massive Kevin`s Corner project has received final Federal approval, while Clive Palmer`s $6.4 billion China First Project is awaiting the green light after receiving state approval in August.

Adani`s Carmichael mine EIS is currently under review.

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