140 new NSW mining jobs at Yancoal

140 new NSW mining jobs at Yancoal

More NSW mining jobs. 2 new underground mines, a new open-pit and existing pit extensions.

There are140 good reasons for NSW mining job seekersto smile, due to an expansionof the Moolarben coal mine having been approved.

Yancoal, who are the owners of the mine, received approvals for the current mine expansion which will see 30 million extra tonnes extracted over the mine`s lifetime.

When you look at it, the increase in coal volume means an extra 17 million tonnes each year until 2037. This increase will mean Yancoal will be looking at increasing its workforce to keep up with demand.

Around 300 people are currently employed at the Moolarben mine,but afterthe expansion news, it’s expected the final figure will be around 440.

The expansion includes many different types of activities at the mine, including the development of a third open cut mine, two brand new underground mines, updates and development of existing and new infrastructure. It’s expected that the current open-cut pits will also be extended.

As with most approvals of this kind, development of the local economy must be one of the benefactors. New mining jobs for workers at the mine are one thing, however, there are additional local businesses that can prosper owing to the increased activity at the mine.

Always concerned with the environment, Yancoal have included $1.5 million which will go towards enhancing the local community. This is expected to cover such activities as upgrades to nearby roads, and water monitoring to make certain no discharge from the mine will affect the local ecosystem.

The mine expansion is expected to provide over $700 million in economic benefits to the local region, which is a massive bonus for everyone concerned.

Mr. John Blanning, who is Moolarben mine manager, said when the mine is running at maximum production, around $47 million per year will be contributed to the NSW government.

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More NSW mining jobs

In a time where mining jobs are a hot topic of conversation, the Yancoal coal mine expansion is a positive indicator that employment opportunities still exist within the industry. There is an underlying trend at this time that has seen a gentle roll-out of new mines in NSW and also Qld. New mine approvals and expansion projects, no matter how small the development, will form the foundation for a more positive outlook across the Australian mining industry as a whole.

Mining jobs are out there

One of the big issues for job seekers is they have no real idea of where to start looking. We believe the first stepping stone to a mining job is to gain a clear understanding of the industry by reading as much about the mining sector as possible.

The next step is the location and type of mining operation, which is a key consideration when deciding on whether a mining career is worth pursuing. Working on a remote mine site as a FIFO worker has its own set of challenges compared to living locally and commuting to work within an hour or so.

Additionally, some people are not too keen on working underground owing to the confined space environment and additional challenges underground mining presents. People who enjoy the freedom of working outside in all weather conditions are best suited to open-cut mining operations.

Whichever way you want to look at it, mining in Australia is not closing its doors. There has been an adjustment in the industry of late; and there have been many factors that have driven the mining sector to rethink the way it operates. Mining companies still need workers to make their mines function, therefore opportunities will always exist for entry-level employees as well as skilled and experienced people who have the ability to contribute to the growth and longevity of the business.

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