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QCoal Bowen Basin coal mining jobs opportunity

Looking for a mining job in Queensland’s Bowen Basin? QCoal has four coking coal mines and is a great place to start your mining job search.

QCoal Pty Ltd is a privately owned Queensland mining company focused on coal exploration and extraction and has been active in coal exploration throughout Queensland since 1989 – now they are ramping up coal mining operations creating massive mining job opportunities for Queenslanders.

A home-grown company with extensive industry experience, QCoal has exceptional capability and knowledge of the Queensland coal fields. They have consistently proved this by the discovery and development of numerous coal deposits in the Queensland Bowen Basin.

QCoal are driven by creating local Queensland mining jobs and working within the communities to create opportunity for growth for the entire region. Their are committed to engaging local industries and give preference to suppliers of Australian-manufactured equipment.

The primary focus of QCoal was that of a coal deposit explorer in the Bowen Basin with operations and mining projects underway.

The location of these operation is approximately 165 West of Mackay and ranging from 13 – 20 kilometres south of Collingsville.

The main extraction method is open-cut, with one underground operation slated for the Byerwen Coal Mine. The combined coal mining productivity life-cycle is 100 years, creating stable employment and growth for the region for many years to come.

Cows Coal Mine

The Cows Coal Project is a proposed coal mine located in Queensland`s Bowen Basin about 13km south of Collinsville. It will produce around 1 million tonnes of coal each year with an expected mine life of 15 years.The mining lease and environmental authority was granted recently and construction of the initial pit will start in early 2013. The Cows Coal Project is being developed by Bowen River Coal Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of QCoal.

Mining operations overview

  • Open-cut
  • coking and thermal coal
  • 15 year mine life
  • 1mtpa output

Jax Coal Mine

The Jax Coal Project is a proposed coal mine located in Queensland`s Bowen Basin about 15 km south of Collinsville. Mining operations are expected to deliver around 1.8 million tonnes of coal per year and create around 100 coal mining jobs. The expected mine life is around 21 years.

The Queensland Government has approved an environmental management plan with the application for the environmental authority and mining lease progressing.Leighton Contractors started the extraction of the 350,000 tonne bulk coal sample from the Jax site in July 2012.

Another Queensland company, Ostwald Bros, secured the contract to transport the sample coal by truck to Sonoma Mine, about 5km north of the Jax mine site. From here it will be transported by train to Abbot Point Coal Terminal. From here it will be shipped to Asia where testing will be conducted to determine the quality meets Asia customer specification.

Mining operations overview

  • Open-cut
  • coking and thermal coal
  • 21 year mine life
  • 1.8mtpa output

Drake Coal Mine

The Drake Coal Project is a proposed open cut coal mine situated in Queensland`s Bowen Basin 17 km south of Collinsville and is expected to produce up to 6 mtpa of coal, with a mine life of around 30 years.The Drake Coal Project expected to generate about 350 local construction jobs and up to 480 operational jobs.

QCoal supports local and regional employment initiatives. People looking to work in the Queensland coal mining industry are encouraged to explore the possibilities of locating closer to the mining operations where opportunity for employment is greatly increased.
Mining operations overview

  • Open-cut
  • coking and thermal coal
  • 30 year mine life
  • 1.8mtpa output

Byerwen Coal Mine

The Byerwen Coal Project is a still in the planning stage. The proposed coal mine is located in Queensland`s Bowen Basin about 20 kilometres west of Glenden. When fully operational it will produce up to 10 million tonnes of premium hard coking coal per year, with an expected workforce of up to 1,000 mine workers and an estimated mine life of 50 years.

The mining operation is a joint venture between QCoal and JFE Steel.The current planning phase involves the preparation of the environmental impact statement, ongoing site investigations and community consultation.

The environmental impact statement is expected to be released for review in early 2013 andconstruction is scheduled to start in early 2014 following Queensland and Australian government approvals.

Mining operations overview

  • Open-cut and underground
  • premium hard coking coal
  • 50 year mine life
  • 1.8mtpa output

Employment Opportunities with QCoal

QCoal intends to become a major miner in the Bowen Basin by 2018, with targets to mine and export around 22 million tons of coking coal per year. The majority of the mining jobs are expected to be created around the Drake and Byerwen mines.

The Drake mine is expected to be producing and exporting coal by 2014 with Byerwen coming online and producing around 2015. This activity is creating opportunities for people looking to start a career in coal mining in Queensland. The two main towns that are located close to the mining operations are Collingsville and Glenden.

With a strong focus on building a sustainable community amongst the mining operations, QCoal are actively looking for developers and planners who can develop the area in to modern housing areas to attract families and couples to the area. Mining accommodation is a critical factor in the success of mining operations and contribute to the well-being and mental attitudes of the entire workforce.

For more information on mining jobs with QCoal, go to their website and review their mining jobs board. Or prepare your resume and send it to QCoal. As always, iMINCO recommends you make sure your resume is up-to-date and contains the relevant mining information to allow you to be considered for employment.

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Reference: QCoal – 1000 Queensland mining jobs up for grabs

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