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Queensland mining jobs for Bowen Basin

iMINCOQueensland mining jobs will be created as QCoal gets mining lease approved by the Queensland State Government.

The mining lease is for the Jax Coal project, which is 15km south of Collinsville in the north sector of the Bowen Basin.

Queensland is well-known for its large coal deposits which are being mined by some of the world’s largest mining companies. The granting of the Jax Coal mining lease breathes new life into the Bowen Basin communities that rely on jobs in the mines for its local residents.

“mine workers have fought for their livelihoods”

The Bowen Basin is home to an army of specialist and highly experienced mine workers who have fought for their livelihoods over the past 12 months, as mining companies trimmed their workforce in line with falling coal prices and global demand.

New QLD coal mine has a mine life of up to 21 years

Once the Jax mine is fully operational it’s expected that about 1.8 million tonnes of high quality coking and thermal coal will be produced every year.

Owing to the location and easy access to existing rail networks, coal from the Jax Coal mine will be transported to Abbot Point Coal Terminal for export.

“employment for 100 workers”

The proposed mine will employ a number of workers and have a lifecycle of up to 21 years. Jax Coal management made a statement to the media that they expected operations to start in the second quarter 2014.

Previously the QCoal Group had been carrying out bulk sampling at the Jax site to make certain the coal was of a sufficiently high standard and there was a market for the product.


Christopher Wallin, managing director of QCoal Group said, “The grant of the Jax project mining lease gives certainty to development of the Jax project”.

Contractors line up for QLD coal mine project

QCoal Group expects the start-up phase of the Jax Mine to be operated by a contractor, although it seems at this stage,no decision has been made as to which contractor will be awarded the contract.

More QLD mining jobs on the radar

QCoal plans more coal mines in the Bowen Basin – government approvals pending

In terms of mining employment in the Bowen Basin, QCoal are a mining company to watch out for. They have intentions to develop more coal mines in the region.

Location wise, the QCoal Group Drake Coal project is 17 kilometers south of Collinsville and the Byerwen Coal project is located 20 kilometers west of Glenden. QCoal Group expects approvals for both of these coal mining projects to be granted at some stage in 2014.

“many more jobs for local workers”

The QCoal Group Drake Coal project and the Byerwen Coal project could provide many more jobs for local workers who have over the past year been denied jobs by the larger mining companies who gave preference to a FIFO workforce.

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